Why Build a Website?

Are you still wondering if you should invest in a website for your business? Not sure what the benefits are? Then this is for you! 

Every business should have a website for several reasons, this is the face of your business and the experience you provide to your viewer will ultimately determine if they will return to your website. A great website should not only look good but provide a solution to your target audience’s problem. So how do we build this impression? Some of the key ingredients to make a good website include: 

• Building trust 

• Educating with Storytelling 

• Clear Calls To Action (CTA) 

• Business Legitimizers 

Let’s break this down, so you can get a clear picture! 

Building Trust 

The first 3 seconds someone lands on your page are the most important ones, as they will influence if that visitor will stay longer or bail out. So for the first instance, try to show your visitor that they can trust you.


• Secure your site (https) 

• Include Testimonials 

• Include case studies 

• Blog 

• Include logos & icons 

• Offer information willingly 


• Ask for personal info the first time someone lands on your site.

• Have complicated forms to sign up for freebies.

• Play small – people are more hesitant to give info to people that don’t look legitimate. 

Education through storytelling 

Let your audience clearly understand how you can help them, what your service is about and how you can fulfill their needs. Tell your story in your business brand’s voice, which should be coherent throughout your site connecting with your target audience. The goal here is to establish a connection. 

• Draw people in through storytelling 

• Create Enticing Headlines 

• Use video 

• Break up text 

CTA (Call to Action) 

What action do you want your website visitor to take? Maybe you’re looking to build a contact list for your EDM campaigns or maybe you’re running an event and need people to sign up – whatever the purpose make it clear for your audience and not hidden in too much visual noise. 

• Be clear about the action 

• Make it easy for them 

• Take them where they want to go! 

Business Legitimizers 

Every detail counts for your customer to gain your trust so make sure your business looks professional and coherent with these small but relevant points: 

• Have your own domain 

• Email that matches your website 

• Have a website – even if it is a one-page site 

• Get Listed 

• Look Professional & Relevant

If you still are having doubts about if a website is really going to improve your business and brand’s image, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts at Enhance marketing, who can show you specific details on the advantages of owning a website.

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