How True Story Company Strengthened Their Online Presence With An Optimized Website

True Story Company helps MedTech and HealthTech startups find customers, grow, and make an impact by offering turn-key marketing services to support their go-to-market.

The Challenge

True Story Company set out to support startups worldwide but were limited by their Dutch-only website. They were lacking the strategy to build trust and customer loyalty in the digital space.

They needed to understand how consumers are engaging with online content so that they could best position themselves to start the conversation about their services – in Dutch and English.

The Solutions

The Results

New website launched with optimized UX

New digital graphics to visually communicate information

Ongoing website enhancement and maintenance

“I’m delighted with Heidi’s work on my website, both in terms of content and the process she followed. Heidi helped me to revive my website in three ways: 1. The site has a much better customer journey thanks to a well-structured intake and more straightforward menu items. 2. She made the site bilingual. This enables me to reach both Dutch and non-Dutch clients. 3. She freshened up the design of the website, which supports my brand. Overall, I can definitely recommend Heidi and Versterken Marketing. Her work really did strengthen my website and my brand.

– Dirkjan H., Founder, True Story Company

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